What is the "school life" like?


Cambridge Primary teachers adjust breaks to the needs of students, observe the energy level in the class, have the opportunity to take advantage of students' moments of focus and not to disturb them with set time frames.

At Lower Secondary level, individual classes end according to the lesson plan and designated time.

Routine - the key to success

Repeatability and routine are elements of the sense of security and harmony of the rhythm of the day. They provide stability, predictability and peaceful, educational settings.


At World Primary School, we attach great importance to shaping interpersonal relations between teachers, students and parents. We are convinced that good relations in the classroom have a positive impact on the teaching process, students' well-being, a friendly atmosphere, and ease of learning. In addition, daily activities in a circle at the very beginning of the day serve to create mutual relations and strengthen them in the G1-G2 classes. Children start their day by saying hello. Later, they perform short relaxation exercises, after which they have the opportunity to tell others about their well-being, current events or their own dreams. At the end, the teacher suggests a short group integrating exercise and presents the topic and goals of the educational activities on a given day. 

Another element that consolidates and allows to establish a relationship outside of educational classes are shared meals. Children at school, just like at home, sit at the common table, where they can talk, gain strength, eat breakfast and lunch with the teacher. 

We are a school open to conversations and discussions, we approach the needs of our students with great care, respect the opinion of others and try to understand others. 

A big number of hours that students spend within the school walls makes the school a second home for children. Being aware of this, we want every child to feel very comfortable in the school, so that they knew they could always ask for help and talk if they needed to.

Competitions and events

World Primary School offers students the opportunity to participate in many competitions in various fields, including:







We engage our students by preparing together with them English-language theater performances, dance happenings, videoclips, Christmas concerts, and vocal performances. 

Consuming culture and art is a constant element of school life, e.g. through regular participation in classical music concerts or theater performances. We invite to our space many artists and guests who inspire and show us their world.

We also invite parents who share their professional or cultural experience, show an interesting piece of their lives and broaden our students’ horizons.


Family Day is a celebration of our entire school community. We are happy to have fun and socialise with the parents of our students during a picnic. It is accompanied by competitions, games, field games, sports attractions and numerous other events.



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